Louis Morrisson Discography


It is certainly true that it is not easy to give an immediate answer to the simple question "Please, which is the best recording of Mister so-and-so?" And when the question is put about Louis Morrisson, who made some two hundred recordings, it is far from easy.

In an endeavour to deal with it, I would like to suggest that readers try to hear some of his records, the more the better. Of course they will say "the best recordings of M. Morrisson will be among his 'La Juive' titles". Yes, certainly, listen to "O ma fille cherie" sung by him and make for yourself a comparison with recordings by other singers; this little piece of music becomes great as sung by Morrisson. Or listen to "Dieu, que ma voix tremblante" or to "Rachel quand du Seigneur" and you will be swept by a wave of sympathy . . . and respect . . . and will understand why a great part of Europe wished to know only "one Eleazar" both on records and on the stage. But the interpretation of "La Juive" was just a small part of the qualities of this tenor.

Listen to the challenge-duet opening the last act of Lucia di Lammermoor by Morrisson and the baritone Emile Van Bosch: "O più rapido". This duet is difficult to sing, so ungrateful; often unfortunately the scene is omitted in performances. One cannot find more than three or four interpretations for comparison, but on hearing it you will say "This is famous, what a great tenor of Grand Opera". Let us listen together to the "Invocation a la nature" from Werther, or perhaps better still the "Tête adorée" of Leoncavallo's Bohème and you will hear all the romance, the sentimentality of a real lyric tenor. There is a recording of "Pater Noster" by Hinderdael, or the "Guarda che bianca luna" by Campagna which will certainly touch you by their purity and unexaggerated musicality.

But do not think that Morrisson limited himself to not very well-known or easily sung melodies. There are all the standards from Guglielmo Tell, Tosca, II Trovatore, Les Huguenots, Aida, La Fanciulla del West, Martha, Rigoletto, Pagliacci and Cavalleria Rusticana in two languages. Here again please compare with the great names you know and trust your own cars and heart. You will not find a pathetic theatrical figure, but a real human being of sustained musicalily, for instance as Canio from the first arioso to the final "No Pagliaccio non son".

As examples of breath control the "Brindisi" from Cavalleria will testify, as will also the aria from the fourth Act of La Favorita. amongst others. If you like "high C's" Morrisson has sung the whole repertory of the heroic tenor and they abound. A rarer quality of a great tenor are low tones, held without difficulty; listen to La Juive "Dieu que ma voix tremblante", the air of John in Herodiade, the Celeste Aida, or better the duet of the fourth Act between Amneris and Radames. At the same time we can note the care taken to clearly enunciate every word in the three languages he has sung. One can only wonder why amongst all the historical long play records now on the market there are none by this tenor, who so clearly shows his devotion both to the work and the composer's wishes, even his Arnold, Raoul or Manrico are human beings and not high-note machines. I think that by his musical gifts he will make an impression on you that few others manage to do.

In the following discography, as so many titles are in Dutch, with which the majority of readers will not be familiar, where necessary translations of both the title of the work as well as of the excerpt are given. The first line gives either the title of the work or author in capitals, followed by the text sung, translation in brackets, partner(s) if any also in brackets. The line following the titling gives first the matrix number, followed by the issue numbers), except for Homo-cord which only have the one number for both purposes.



1. MIGNON: Neen zij geloofde (Elle ne croyait) 76w. 2-95008

2. HELMER. Le rêve passe! (in French) 100w. 2-5001

3. SOMOYE. La marche à Venus (in French) 101w. 2-5002

4. FAUST: De nacht verdwijnt (En vain j'interroge) 105w, 2-95015

5. XXX De Pelgrims (Les Pelerins) (w. Kapper) 111w. 2-9001

6. DE TROUBADOUR (IL TROVATORE): O laat geen bange vrees (O, si ben mio) 112w. 2-95019

7. FAUST: Gegroet, verblijf door haar verkoren (Salut demeure) 114w. 2-95016

8. LA FAVORITE: Een vrouw knielde neer (Una vergine) 115w. 2-95020

9. FAURE. Le Crucifix (in Dutch) (w. Kapper) 304p. 2-99008

10. GOUBLIER. Angelus der zee (Angelus de la mer) (w. Kapper) 305p. 2-99009

11. MARTHA: Ach zo lief (Ach so fromm) 306p. 2-95007

12. DE MACHT VAN HET NOODLOT (FORZA DEL DESTINO): In deze heilige stonde (Solenne in quest'ora) (w. Kapper) 307p. 2-99010

13. LA BOHEME: O Mimi ondanks (O Mimi tu piu) (w. Kapper) 308p. 2-99011

14. WILLEM TELL (GUGLIELMO TELL): O Mathilde (w. Kapper) (in Dutch) 309p. 2-99012

15. STOMME VAN PORTICI (MUETTE DE PORTICI): Veel liever sterven (Plutôt mourir) (w. Kapper) 31 Op. 2-99013

16. CAVALLERIA: Moeder de wijn (Mamma quel vino) 311p. 2-95028

17. LA BOHEME: Uw handen zijn bevroren. (Che gelida manina) 312p. 2-95018

18. DE HUGENOTEN: (LES HUGUENOTS) Rein als sneeuw (Plus blanche) 313p. 2-95009

19. PALJAS (PAGLIACCI): Thans te spelen. (Vesti la giubba) 314p. 2-95014

20. DE JODIN (LA JUIVE): God dat mijn loflied (Dieu que ma voix) 315p. 2-95010

21. LA FAVORITE: Gij mijn zoon. (Non sai tu) (w. Nieuwen-huizen) 338p. 2-99014

22. DE JODIN (LA JUIVE): Maar neen! (J'implore) (w. Nieuwen-huizen) 339p. 2-99015

23. FAUST: Gegroet ò laatste morgenstond (Salut ò mon dernier) (w. Nieuwenhuizcn) 340p. 2-99016

24. FAUST: Hier ben ik! (Me voici d'ou vient) (w. Nieuwen-huizen) 341 p. 2-99017

25. LA GIOCONDA: Hemel en zee (Cielo è mar) 342p. 2-95035

26. DE JODIN (LA JUIVE); Rachel als God (Rachel quand du Seign.) 343p, 2-95036

27. CARMEN: Ik ben Escamillo. (Je suis Escamillo) (w. Kapper) 344p. 2-99018

28. V. SCOTTO. Liefdezang (Chant d'amour) (w. Kapper) 345p. 2-99019

29. CARMEN : De bloem die gij (La fleur que tu) 351p. 2-95037

30. DE MACHT VAN HET NOODLOT; (LA FORZA DEL DESTINO) Al uw dreigen (La minacci) (w. Kapper) 352p. 2-99020

31- LUCIA VAN LAMMERMOOR: (LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR) Ontwaak, ja! (O sole piu) (w. Kapper) 353p. 2-99021

32. RICO. Neen jij zult nooit (Non tu ne sauras) 13958-0. 1-95083

33. VERCOLIER-.Wiegelied (Berceuse aux etoiles) 13959-0. 1-95082

34. DANIDERFF. T'is zo goed ! (Berceuse tendre) 13960-0. 1-95084

35. POPPY. Paryser marsch! (Marche de Paris) 13961-0. 1-95096

36. XXX Lentelied. (Chanson' du Printemps) 13962-0. 1-95101

37. CHAUDOIR. Liefdesverlangen- (Désirs d'amour) 13973-0. 1-95097

38 FRAGSON. Het laatste lied (La derniere chanson) 13974-0. 1-95098

39. DANIDERFF. In 1793! (En 1793) 13975-0. 1-95104

40. RIGOLETTO: Dat een schone! (Questa o quello) 13999-0. 1-95085

41. LATRAVIATA: Een dronk! (Libiam nei lieti) 14000-0. 1-95086

42 CAVALLERIA: Zoete wijn bedwelmt (Viva d vino) 14001-0. 1-95087

43. BUTTERFLY. 'T is ware liefde (Amore o grillo) 14002-0. 1-95088

44. CARMEN: De bloem die gij (La fleur quc tu) 14003-0. 1-95089

45. FRIEDMANN, In het land der dromen (Pays des rêves) 14310-0. 1-95110

46. MERCIER. Liefdadigheid. (La charite) 14311-0. 1-95111

47. CREMIEU. De bloemen die wij minnen (Les fleurs que nous aimons) 14312-0. 1-95112

48. MIGNON: Vanrwel Mignon! (Adieu Mignon) 14313-0. 1-95113

49. JACOBS. Liefde alleen! (Rien que l'amour) 14327-0. 1-95109

50. DICKSON. Oublions le passe? (in French) 14328-0. 1-95123

51. LEONCAVALLO. Mattinata (in French) 14334-0. 1-95129

52. MANON: Droomlied! (En fermani les yeux) 14335-0. 1-95124

53. BERNTAUX. De schone Myrella (La belle Myrella) 14336-0. 1-95127

54. KAAT MOSSEL. Een ster rijst (w. Kapper) 114617-0. 1-99027


55. RIGOLETTO; Dat een schone. (Questo o quella) 36272 D-6313

56. BOREL-CLERC. Pour l'amour de Carmen, (in French) 36273 D-6311

57. HELMER- Le rêve passe! (in French) 36274 D-6311

58. DE TROUBADOUR : (IL TROVATORE) O dood der schande' (Di quella pira) 36275 D-6312

59. CAVALLERIA: Zoele wijn bedwelmd (Viva el vino)36276 D-6313

60- LA TRAVIATA: Een dronk! (Libiam nei lieti) 36277 D-6312

61. LA TOSCA: De sterren straalden (E lucevan le stelle) 75590 D-17046

62. DE TROUBADOUR: (IL TROVATORE) O! Laat geen bange vrees (O si ben mio) 75591 D-17045

63. DE TROUBADOUR: (IL TROVATORE) 'T ogenblik is thans (Perigliarti ancor) 75592 D-17045

64. FAUST: Sta me toe eenmaal (Laissé-moi) 75593 &-17047

65. CAVALLERIA: O Lola, schone bloem! (Sicilienne) 75594 D-17046

66. FAUST: Gegroet verblijf! (Salut demeure) 75595 D-17047

67. LA FAVORITE: Engel zo rein! (Spirto gentil) 75596 D-17067

PATHE RECORDS (1913-1914)

68. DE HUGENOTEN. (LES HUGUENOTS) Rein als de sneeuw! (Plus blanche) N-30988 X-30144

69. CARMEN : De bloem die gij (La fleur que tu) N-30989 X-30143

70. LA TOSCA : De sterren straalden (E lucevan le stelle) N-30990 X-30145

71. LA TRAVIATA: Een dronk' (Libiam nei lieti) N-30991 X-30143

72. RIGOLETTO: Dat een schone! (Questa o quella) N-30992 X-30145

73. PALJAS: (PAGLICCI) Thans te spelen! (Vesti la giubba) N-30993 X-30144


74. HERODIADE: Heer de drang van! (Ne pouvant reprimer) 54-an. H-62026

75. MANON : Je suis seul, seul enfin! (in French) 55-an. H-62027


76. LA TOSCA: Een zoete harmonie! (Recondita armonia) 153-am. 10340

77. LIONNET. Hymne d'amour! (in French) 154-am. 10342

78. FANCIULLA DEL WEST: Ch'ella mi creda libero (in /I.) 155-am. 10341

79. TOSTI. Idéal! (Ideale) (in French) 156-am. 10343


80. LA TOSCA: De sterren straalden (E lucevan le stelle) 50620

81. MIGNON : Neen, zij geloofde niet (Elle ne croyait) 50621

82. PALJAS: (PAGLIACCI) Thans te spelen. (Vesti la giubba) 50622

83. CAVALLERIA: O Lola schone bloem- (Siciliana) 50623

84. W1LLEM TELL: (GUGLIELMO TELL) Verblijf voor mij! (O muto asil) 50624

85. DE HUGENOTEN: (LES HUGUENOTS) Rein ald de sneeuw (Plus blanche) 50625

86. DE JODIN: (LA JUIVE) God dat mijn loflied (Dieu que ma voix) 50626

87. FANCIULLA DEL WEST: Ch'ella mi creda libero (in Italian) 50527

88. FAUST: Gegroet verblijf door haar. (Salut demeure chaste) 50628

89. AIDA: O, waar ik veldheer (Se quel guerrier) 50629

90. DE STOMME VAN PORTICI: (LA MUETTE DE PORTICI) Veel liever sterven (Plutôt mourir) (w. Van Bosch) 50649

91. DE PARELVISSERS: (LES PECHEURS DE PERLES) Daar ver in d'heilige Tempel (Au fond du Temple Saint) (w. Van Bosch) 2-50650

92. GOUBLIER. Angelus der zee (L'Angelus de la mer) (w. Van Bosch) 50651

93. FAURE. Le Crucifix! (in Dutch) (w. Van Bosch) 50652

94. CARMEN. Ik ben Escamillo (Je suis Escamillo) (w. Van Bosch) 50653

95. LUCIA VAN LAMMERMOOR: (LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR) Edgard, ja ik! (O piu rapido) (w. Van Bosch) 2-50654

96. DE MACHT VAN HET NOODLOT: (FORZA DEL DESTINO) In deze heil'ge stonde (Solenne in quest') (w. Van Bosch) 51027

97. BUTTERFLY: Wel, nu sprak hij de waarheid. (Ed e bella sposa) (w. Van Bosch) 51028

98. FAUST: Heerlijk wonder! (O merveille) (w. Van Bosch) 51029

99. FAUST: Verloren, verloren! (Alerte! Alerte!) (w. Van Bosch and Bouwmeester) 51031

100.RIGOLETTO: Ja, aan U behoord mijn leven. (Belle figlia) (w. Santhagens-Van Bosch and Bouwmeester) 51032

101.LA BOHEME: O Mimi ondanks (O Mimi tu piu) (w. Van Bosch) 51033

102. PALJAS: (PAGLIACCI) Zulke schertsen. (Un tal gioco) 51034

103. HINDERDAEL. PATER NOSTER. (in Dutch) (w. Van Bosch) 51035

104. BIZET. Agnus Dei! (in Dutch) (w. Van Bosch) 51036

105. DE TROUBADOUR: (IL TROVATORE) Miserère! (w. Bouwmeester) (in Dutch) 51037

106. BUTTERFLY: Gij zijt mijn meester. (Io t'ho ghermita) (w. Santhagens) 51038

107. CAVALLERIA: Neen! Neen, Turiddo. (No, no, Turiddo) (w. Santhagens) 51039

108. LA TRAVIATA: O laat ons vluchten (Dei miei bollenti) (w. Bouwmeester) 51040

109. LA TRAVIATA: Een dronk ! (Libiam nei lieti) 51041

110. CARMEN: Mijn moeder zie ik weer (Ma mere je la vois) (w. Bouwmeester) 51042

111. WERTHER: Je ne sais si je veille! (in French) 51043

112. MANON: Je suil seul, seul enfin! (in French) 51044

113. DE JODIN: (LA JUIVE) Rachel als God! (Rachel quand du Seigneur) 51045

114. LA JUIVE: Rachel quand du Seigneur! (in French) 51046

115. ROMEO ET JULIETTE: Ah, lève toi soleil! (in French) 51047

116. LOHENGRIN: Aux bords lointains! (in French) 51048

117. PAILLASSE: (PAGLIACCI) Me grimer, me grimer (Vesti la giubba) in French) 51049

118. LAKME: Fantaisie o divin mensonge! (in French) 51050

119. LAGIOCONDA: Hemel en zee) (Cielo è mar) 51051

120. LA TOSCA: Een zoete harmonie (Recondita armonia)51052

121. LA BOHEME: Uw handen zijn bevroren (Che gelida manina) 51053

122. MIGNON: Vaarwel Mignon! (Adieu Mignon) 51054

123. CAVALLERIA: Zoete wijn bedwelmt (Viva el vino) 51055

124. CAVALLERIA: Vive le vin qui pétille! (in French) 51056

125. FAUST: Gegroet o laatste morgenrood! (Salut o mon dernier matin) 1-51578

126. DE TROUBADOUR: (IL TROVATORE) 'T ogenblik is thans!(Perigliarti ancor) 51579

127. DE KONINGIN VAN SABA: (LA RHINE DE SABA) 0 scherp mijn geest! (Inspirez-moi)


128. HERODIADE: Heer, de drang van! (Ne pouvant reprimer) 51581

129. GOUNOD. Ave Maria! (in Latin) 51582

130. FAUST: Het is laat! (Il se fait lard) (w. Santhagens) 1-51583

131. FAUST: Heerlijk leven! (O nuit d'amour) (w. Santhagens) 1-51584

132. AIDA: Oh, gij mijn vriend! (Gia i sacerdoti) (w. Santhagens) 51585

133. AIDA: En gij voor haar! (Aida me togliesti) (w. Santhagens) 51586

134. MIREILLE; Eng'len van 't Paradijs (Anges du Paradis) 51587

135- WERTHER: Waarom mij doen ontwaken (Pourquoi me réveiller?) 1-51588

136. LA FAVORITE: Een vrouw knielde neer (Una vergine) 51589

137. LA FAVORITE: Engel zo rein! (Spino gentil) 51590

138. CARUSO- Dromen van lang geleên (Dreams of long ago) 51591

139. ADAMS. Jerusalem! (in Dutch) 51592

140. LIEFDESDRANK: (ELISIR D'AMORE) Een verborgen traan (Una furtiva lagrima) 51593

141. WILLEM TELL: (GUGLIELMO TELL) O Mathilde! (Ah! Mathilde) (w. Van Bosch) (in Dutch) 1-51596

142. CAMPAGNA. De zilverwitte maan! (Guarda che bianca luna) (w. Van Bosch) 1-51597

143. CARMEN: De bloem die gij! (La fleur que tu) 5250

144. LA MAREILLE. Ce que c'est qu'un drapeau! (in French) 5251

145. MARTHA:Ach zo lief! (Ach so fromm) 5252

146. VAN DEN EYNDE. Heil! Heil! Mannen van den Yser! (in Dutch) 5254

147. DE TROUBADOUR: (IL TROVATORE) Eenzaam moet ik sterven! (Deserta sulla) 5255

148. DE KERMISKLANTEN: (LES SALTIMBANQUES) Walslied (Valse chantee) 5257

149. DE TROUBADOUR: (IL TROVATORE) O laat geen bange vrees (O si ben mio) 5258

150. DE BEDELSTUDENT: (DER BETTELSTUDENT) Loflied der Polin. (Ode an dir Polin) 5259

151. CAVALLERIA: Moeder, de wijn! (Mamma quel vino) 5260

152. LA BOHEME: Uw handen zijn bevroren! (Che gelida) 5263

153. RIGOLETTO: Dat een schone ' (Questa o quella) 5662

154. RIGOLETTO: Licht als een veer! (La Donna e mobile) 5663


155. VEREMANS. Vlaanderen' (in Dutch) Cc6776 2-0432019 (AU. 15)

156. MARTHA: Ach zo lief! (Ach so fromm!) Bb6777 7-432174 (AT. 12)

157. LA JUIVE: Dieu que ma voix tremblante (in French) Bb6787 7-432171 (AT. l1)

158. LAKME: Fantaisie o divin! (in French) Cc6800 2-032109 (AU. 16)

159. PALJAS: (PAGLIACCI) Thans te spelen (Vesti la giubba) Bb6815 7-432172 (AT. 10)(AT. 12)

160. GI0CONDA: Hemel en zee! (Cielo è mar) Cc6816 2-0432018 (AU. 15)

161. LES HUGUENOTS: Plus blanche que! (in French) Bb6817 7-432170 (AT. 11)

162. GUILLAUME TELL: (GUGLIELMO TELL) Asile héréditaire! (0 muto asil) (in French)

Bb6818 7-432173 (AT. 10)

163. BOHEME: (LEONCAVALLO) Tête adorée! (Tesia adorala) (in French) Bb9916 7-32113 (AT-14)

164. RIGOLETTO: Qu'une belle! (Questa o quello) (in French) Bb9917 7-32H6 (AT. 15)

165. LA TOSCA: O de beautés égales (Recondita) (in French) Bb9918 7-32114 (AT. 14)

166. AIDA: O celeste Aida! (in French) Cc9919 l-032110 (AU.16)

167. CONTES D'HOFFMANN: Schep moed en vertrouwen! (Courage et confiance) Cc9924 2-0432022 (AU. 17)

168. CAVALLERIA: Vive le vin! (Viva el vino) (in French) Bb9925 7-32111 (AT. 13)

169. CRAUWELS. Vergeet mij niet! (in Dutch) Bb9926 7-432179 (AT. 16)

170. LE TROUVERE: (IL TROVATORE) Pourquoi mon seul espoir. (O si ben mio) (in French) Bb9927 7-32115 (AT. 15)

171. VAN DEN EYNDE. Madeliefke 'n bloemke! (in Dutch) Bb99B8 7-432180 (AT. 16)

172. LA JUIVE: O ma fille chérie! (in French) Bb9930 7-32112 (AT. 13)

173. CARMEN: De bloem die gij. (La fleur que) Cc9931 2-0432023 (AU. 17)

174. DE LUSTIGE WEDUWE: (DIE LUSTIGE WITWE) Kom in het kleine paviljoen (in Dutch) Bbl4434 7-432189 (AT. 19)

175. DE KUISCHE SUSANNA: Verdoken in ieder mensenhart! (in Dutch) Bbl4435 7-432190 (AT. 19)

176. GOUBLIER. Que ne peut-on rêver! (in French) Bbl4436 7-432187 (AT. 18)

177. LA FILLE DU FAR-WEST: (LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST) Qu'elle me croit (Ch'ella mi) (in French) Bbl4437 7-432191 (AT. 20)

178. WERTHER : Je ne sais si le veille (in French) Ccl4444 2-0432029 (AU. 22)

179. WERTHER : J'aurais sur ma poitrine (in French) Ccl4445 2-043202K (AU. 22)

180. PALJAS: (PAGLIACCI) Neen, Paljas is niet meer! (No Pagliacci non son) BM4446 7-432186 (AT. 17)

181. BEMBERG. Aime-moi' (in French) Bbl4447 7-432188 (AT. 18)

182. CAVALLERIA: Moeder, de wijn! (Mamma quel vino) Bbl4448 7-432185 (AT. 17)

183. SIGURD: Esprits gardiens! (in French) Bbl4449 7-432192 {AT. 20)

184. FRIML. L'amour, toujours l'amour (in French) BbI8946 30-6093 (F.257)

185. SAINT-SAENS. Aimons-nous! (in French) Bbl8947 30-6096 (F.258)

186. BENAVENTE, Quand le coeur a parlé! (French) Bbl8948 30-6094 (F.257)

187. HERBERT. Zeg liefste! (Song of songs) Bbl8949 30-3086 (AT. 21)

188. FRASQUITA: Schat ik bid u? (Schatz ich bitle) Bbl8950 30-6098 (F. 259)

189. ERWIN. Vier woorden heb ik u te (in Dutch) Bbl8951 30-3088 (AT. 22)

190. DE MOYA. Oh mysterie zoet! (Sweet mystery) (in Dutch) Bbl8952 30-3087 (AT. 21)

191. NEEF.O! Scheldestad! (in Dutch) Bbl8953 30-3089 (AT. 22)

192. NEEF. Ce sont tes grands yeux (in French) BbI8954 30-6095 (F.258)

193. FREDERIKA: O Meisje, mein meisje! (O Mädchen) (in Dutch) Bbl8955 30-6097 (F. 259)

194. PAILLASSE: (PAGLIACCI) Megrimer! Megrimer! (Vesti la giubba) (Unpublished)

Louis Morrison en Vina Bovy , CD

the German label HAFG sells this CD


From his operatic debut, on October 1st, 1909. to his final appearance on December 21st, 1933, the list of his operatic roles is as follows:

Halévy, La Juive

Charpentier, Louise

Meyerbeer, Les Huguenots, L'Africaine

Delibes, Lakmé

Giordano, Fedora

Rossini , Guglielmo Tell

Ponchielli, La Gioconda

Leoncavallo, Pagliacci

Bizet, Carmen, Les Pêcheurs de Perles

Mascagni, Cavalleria Rusticana

Verdi, Il Trovatore, Aida, La Forza del Destino, Rigoletto, La Traviata

Massenet, Werther, Herodiade, Manon, Le Jongleur de Notre-Dame

Reyer, Sigurd

Donizetti, La Favorita, L'Elisir d'Amore, Lucia di Lammermoor, La figlia del regimento

Tchaikovsky, Eugen Onegin

Thomas, Mignon

Flotow, Martha

Offenbach, Les Contes d'Hoffmann

Wolf-Ferrari, I Gioielli della Madonna

Nougès, Quo Vadis?

Puccini, La Bohème, La Tosca, Madame Butterfly

Adam, Le Postilion de Longjumeau

Wambach, Quinten Massy

Lortzing, Zar und Zimmermann, Undine

Gounod, Faust, Romeo et Juliette, Mireille

Kienzl, Der Kuhreigen

Weber, Der Freischütz

(Flor Alpaerts), Shylock, Chabert (Oberst Chabert by H.W. von Waltershausen, J.L.)

Olmen, Rina

G. Paisiello, Il Barbiere di Siviglia