Irene Torbus-Mierzwiak

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  • Irene Torbus-Mierzwiak IVC 1960
  • Irene Torbus-Mierzwiak (R) & Soo Bee Lee (L) IVC 1960

Polish soprano Irene Torbus-Mierzwiak proved a serious rival to Lise Arséguet’s First Prize, and some among the press and the audience also supported her candidacy, the first in writings, and the latter by means of clamorous applause after her performance at the concluding Gala Concert of September 13, 1960. During the finals she had already mesmerized the audience, with ravishing performances of ‘Quia respectit,’ from bach’s Magnificat, a Tchaikovsky song, and a Polish language reading of ‘Wie nahte mich der Schlummer,’ from Weber’s Der Freischütz. Gérard Verlinden proved impressed in De Volkskrant: ‘Wat a ripe technique, what a splendid vocal material!’ Most peculiarly, her only known recording is on the Czech Surpaphon label, and it gives her name in Czech spelling, as Torbus–Mierzwiakova. The work performed is Kabelac’s ‘Euphemias Mysterion:’


Kabelac: ‘Euphemias Mysterion’ (sample)
Irene Torbus–Mierzwiakova (soprano), Prague Chamber Soloists – Eduard Fischer (LP Supraphon SUA ST 58851)