Tine de Bree

‘By far the best singer of the competition’ (Leo Riemens, De Telegraaf, September 1960)

Although Tine van Bree, already lamented above, did not have a career that matched the expectations that several journalists had for her, their interest in her arouses curiosity. It seems that nerves during her rendition of her ach aria. However, Gérard Verlinden and almost all other reviewers heard a most lovely tone in Brahms’ ‘Liebestreu,’ whereas she really impressed in an aria from Verdi’s La forza del destino. Even if she didn’t win a prize, she still was awarded with an honorary diploma, which would make her who was this young lady, who managed to distinguish herself with a controlled performance of aria of Verdi’s La forza del Destino, in a field of around 100 participants?

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