Anton Sistermans

  Anton sistermans, bariton

Anton Sistermans (1865-1926)

The, in 's Hertogenbosch born Anton Sistermans received his singing-study, just as his great predecessor Messchaert with Julius Stockhausen. In the beginning he lived in Frankfurt, later in Wiesbaden. He was regarded as one of the most important singer in his kind of voice. His interpretation of e.g. the 'Vier ernste Gesänge' of Brahms counts as standard. Opera he has sang only a few times, at Bayreuth in 'Die Meistersinger' (Pogner) and in Parsifal (Gurnemanz). From 1904 until 1915 he worked as singing-teacher at the 'Konservatorium' in Berlin'. From 1916 at the 'Conservatorium Blaauw' at The Hague.

Brahms: "Sapphische Ode", 1906